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75 Days to Summer 

Fitness Challenge 

Start Date 

April 1st 2024

End Date: 

June 14th 2024

Must Register to Participate  

$25 registration fee with an active membership 

Daily Goal Point Tracker Provided 

The Participant to earn the most points will win a CASH PRIZE 


Not a Problem!

You can either enroll in one of our memberships here, or we have created a                                                                                     package that will allow you unlimited access to all classes for the duration of the challenge !

How it works:

The 75-day summer challenge will kick off on April 1st with all eligible participants needing to attend a measurement and weigh-in session. A point system tracker will be sent via email to all participants, who will be responsible for monitoring their daily progress to accumulate points. Points can be earned by meeting daily milestones, achieving weight loss goals, and reducing inches. The participant with the highest number of points will receive a cash prize equal to the total number of participants multiplied by $25. Weekly  weigh-ins will be held, with measurements taken at the start and end of the challenge to determine the ultimate winner.


Q: Can anyone participate?

Yes, anyone is able to participate. All participants will be sent an interactive sheet that will allow you to keep track of your daily progress. In order to qualify for the grand prize you must attend the mandatory weigh in and measurement recording in the beginning of the challenge and the end of the challenge 

Q: How is the winner determined?

Whoever has the heighest percentage of progress will  will win the cash prize.

Q: How will you monitor participants  ?

The progress calculator will be on a shared google doc that will be sent to you. You will then be required to check off as many milestones and tasks as possible a day. These milestones will accumulate your progress % and at the end of the challenge whoever has the most progress will win! 

Q: How do you know if someone is being dishonest when checking off daily milestones?

The challenge is a method for holding yourself accountable, and being dishonest will only hinder your progress. Your results are clear-cut and will determine whether you have truly achieved these milestones. 

Additionally, to prevent any manipulation of the challenge in favor of anyone, your weight loss percentage will be 50x points and total inches lost will be x2, ensuring that the rightful winner will be awarded

Q: What is the formula for calculating the weight lost/ progress percentage?

In order to make sure the challenge is fair, we are giving 50x points to the total percentage of weight lost:

The formula to calculate your weight loss percentage is:  lbs lost divided by starting weight. Then, multiply the result by 100.

(5lbs / 150lbs) * 100 = -3.33%

So, if your starting weight is 150lbs and you lost 5lbs, you’ve lost 3.33% of your body weight.

 3 determining factors to calculate your final score (example) : 

      1. WEIGHT LOST %--------------- 3.33 x 50= 166.5


      2. TOTAL INCHES LOST------5.4inches (total inches lost) X2= 10.8


      3. PROGRESS %----------------63.8 ( % calculated in spreadsheet that you will receive) 



The participant with the highest score will win!

Q: Do I need a membership to HBF to participate?

No you do not need a membership to join, however to earn the most milestones we encourage you to attend HBF. Not to worry! If you do not have a membership we created a package specifically for this challenge that will allow you to come to and unlimited amount of classes for the 75 day duration of the challenge.                                 to enroll. This is a one time fee and will expire when the challenge is over.

Q: Is there a prize?

The prize is all active participants X's $25


April 1st-3rd 

April 7th-8th 

April 14th-15th 

April 21st-22nd 

April 28th-29th 

May 5th-6th 

May 12th-13th 

May 19th-20th 

May 26th-27th 

June 2nd-3rd

June 14th-15th 

June 23th 

May the challenge begin!

Mandatory Weigh in

Mandatory Measurement recording 

 Weigh in 

Weigh in 

Weigh in 

Weigh in 

Weigh in 

Weigh in 

Weigh in 

Weigh in 

Weigh in 

Mandatory FINAL weigh in 

Mandatory FINAL Measurements 

9AM- Winner Reveal


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