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Our one HOUR BODY workout is designed to be a full-body workout that targets all major muscle groups while also providing a cardiovascular workout.  You can work at your own pace and level of intensity, making it suitable for all fitness levels.

We will guide you through the class, providing demonstrations and assistance as needed. We will also help you select the appropriate weight for each exercise, ensuring that you are challenged but not overexerted. We believe  HOUR BODY workout is an effective way to achieve your fitness goals, whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall fitness level. It is a fun and challenging workout that will keep you engaged and motivated. Join us today and experience the benefits of our circuit training for yourself!

High Plank
High Plank


If you're ready to take your fitness journey to new heights and discover what lies beyond boundaries, we invite you to visit HBF and experience the exceptional coaching and support we provide. Your transformation starts here.

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